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Risque Eye Wrinkle Pad
Risque Eye Wrinkle Pad

Risque Eye Wrinkle Pad

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  • Revitalize Your Eyes: Our under eye patches are specially designed for wrinkles, providing an effective eye bags treatment that rejuvenates tired eyes. Experience the soothing benefits of eye gel patches, perfect for those seeking a reliable dark circles under eye treatment.
  • Innovative Reusable Design: Embrace sustainability with our eye patches reusable for multiple applications. These under eye gel patches are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective, making them a top choice for regular under eye care.
  • Advanced Eye Masks Formula: Infused with nourishing ingredients, our gel eye patches target under eye wrinkles with precision. Each application leaves your skin feeling refreshed, proving to be an excellent addition to your topical eye patches routine.
  • Comfort and Efficiency Combined: Enjoy the luxury of our under eye patches reusable for both comfort and effectiveness. These eye gel pads are designed to fit perfectly under your eyes, offering a hassle-free solution for your under eye gels needs.
  • Multipurpose Eye Care Solution: Our eye wrinkle patches are versatile, catering to various needs from reducing the appearance of wrinkles to treating under eye bags. Whether you're using them as reusable eye gel pads or as part of your daily eye pads routine, the results are visibly impressive.


Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Love it!

Really like that these are reusable. Easy to wear overnight and quickly rinse clean in the morning while I get ready. Self care made easy! And it comes with two sets in case I don‚ have time to clean one set.

Ali DunnAli Dunn
Love these!

not bad

Timo Kohlberger
Easy to use and effective

Love these eye patches! They are nice and big and cover the entire under-eye area and have good adhesion so don‚ fall off while sleeping. And my eyes were less puffy and wrinkly the next morning. And the fact that they are reusable makes me feel even better.

Rhonda DurenRhonda Duren
Wrinkle Patches

Love these patches! Easy to use. Stayed in place over night! Reduced my puffy eyes in the morning. Highly recommend

Mayara Schille
Great product for swollen eye bag.

Being a mom for sure keeps me awake at night for often than I would like. I found this amazing Eye Patches for Wrinkles, and its has been amazing for me. I wake feeling fresh and with a healthier facial skin. Love it