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Tips for Choosing Your Workout Apparel

Shopping for gym clothes can often be just as frustrating as finding the perfect swimsuit. Not only does it have to be functional, but it also must make me feel confident. Wouldn’t it be great if the girls could be supported during your workout, without sacrificing your natural curves?

So, what’s the fix? Don’t settle for baggy when you can work out in style! Why not be a bit, well, Risqué?

Workout clothes are key part of the exercise routine – both for comfort and confidence. According to a  study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, clothing influences attitudes and behavior. So, yes, what you wear could affect your results at the gym.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your workout and to help you choose workout outfits that compliment your assets so you look and feel your best:

Breathable fabrics

Choose your workout pieces that are made with breathable material that wick away sweat to keep your skin dry and comfortable. Some fabrics can do more harm than good by trapping in moisture, which can make you feel uncomfortable during workout and could lead to lingering skin irritation or even infection long after.

Too much sweat on the body, especially for women with larger boobs, can lead to post-workout painful rashes. If you are doing an activity that is high impact, you can use our Breast Lift Tape Strips to help keep your breasts in place while you do your thing. They are also waterproof and sweat-proof, so they won’t slide off during your workout.

Stay away from basic cotton and polyester blends. Though cotton is the trusted go-to for sleepwear, it’s not the best fabric for working out because it quickly absorbs moisture, which can cause your shirt to weigh down and be full of sweat during high-intensity workouts.

Polyester may have been your grandma’s go-to gym outfit during the Jane Fonda era, but it can irritate the skin and isn’t as effective as nylon in wicking. Plus, it tends to be itchy and can show a little too much of the camel area. (Not to mention the negative environmental impact!) If you do choose to stick with polyester blends, then you can use our Camel Toe Concealer so you can feel more confident doing your favorite yoga pose.

Try Poli-dry. It’s polyester on steroids except that it has super wicking materials and is very resistant to bacteria so you’ll be less prone to developing rashes or getting fungal infections, both of which are common problems especially for curvy women.

Nylon is the tried and true workout standby and rightfully so. It’s stronger and more durable than polyester so it’s good for outdoor activities like bike riding and hiking. It’s multi-seasonal, dries quickly and does an excellent job absorbing moisture.

Protection from the sun

Your outfit doesn’t just function as a fashion statement. It can help to protect your body from damage. If you are running in the hot summer sun, you’ll need to choose fabrics that are UV resistant and can protect your body from getting too hot in the direct sunlight. If you enjoy exercising outdoors, think layers.

What’s your color?

The colors you wear can affect your workout on both a physical and psychological level. The color of your clothing affects how much light you absorb and your body temperature during your exercises. If you sweat more than most, black is probably not the best color to wear while running or working out on a warm, sunny day. The color you wear also affects your mental state. Red, for example, boosts your heart rate and can be a helpful color for high-intensity workouts. Neutral tones increase a sense of calmness, making them a better fit for yoga.

Try it on first!

Don’t you hate it when you fall in love with an outfit when it’s on the rack or a mannequin and then you bring it home to try it on and it looks terrible on you? Welcome to the club. Try it on at the store. If it doesn’t feel right on you, don’t be tempted to buy the outfit thinking it will fit better when you try it on later. If the sports bra doesn’t fit perfectly or makes you feel uncomfortable, skip the purchase. And speaking of sports bras, here are some tips on finding the right size for your unique body shape. Only buy the items that you know will make you feel comfortable and confident.

Rules for online shopping

If ordering online, hold yourself to the standard of shipping back the pieces you don’t like. As tempting as it is to skip the time it takes to return the clothes you’ve ordered, don’t give in! Pay attention to how the outfits make you feel as you test them out and you’re sure to find long-lasting looks for all your exercise needs. Make sure you are happy with both the color and the fit.

It’s all about body positivity

Remember: There is no “normal” or standard shape or size – there is just YOU and your happiness. Comparing yourself to someone else’s “ideal” is a big no-no. Be proud of your curves and feel comfortable in your own skin – and in your new workout clothes. Have the confidence to flaunt it.

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