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10 Reasons Women Love Adhesive Bras

Some fashion trends just stick, and the sticky bra is one of them. 

Adhesive bras have been all the rage the last few years thanks largely to celebrities wearing them strategically on red carpets, social media and elsewhere. This has been a game-changer for women, so let’s look at some of the reasons they remain so popular:

Wired is Tired
The “lacey cage of oppression” (as InStyle magazine put it) took a big hit during the pandemic, causing a dramatic drop in the percentage of women who still wear traditional wire-support bras. We quarantined, we worked from home, and we realized over two centuries later why Jane Austen wrote in Emma: “Oh! There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

Weddings and Wherever
Versatility is one of the main reasons the Risqué Adhesive Bra has so many loyal owners. It’s suitable for daily wear, evening dress, wedding, prom, dating, activewear, leisure, cocktail, night scene, bar to bar and more. Whether you’re a celeb on that red carpet or just an average awesome woman ready for your next Instagram or TikTok moment, this is your answer.

Wear Whatever You Want
Strapless, backless, halter, slip dress, low cut dress, spaghetti, off-shoulder, see-through, invisible neckline . . . we can go on and on. Goodbye to the old rules, hello to your freedom.

Functional and Easy
The Risqué version is backless with a front buckle design that easily gathers your breasts and creates a deep V-shaped effect. It’s ultra-thin and is made from soft and natural cloth. It’s reusable, worry-free and easy to clean.

Easy as 1-2-3
Unfasten the clip before you do anything, and then you’re ready to go, one breast at a time. Position the Risqué cup vertically on one breast, making sure the clasp faces downward. Begin sticking the cup from your underboob, lifting the breast easily and moving in an upward direction. Voila! Step 2: Repeat other side. Step 3: Clip together. Practice makes perfect.

Super Sticky
Each 3D stereoscopic cup contains biological glue inside that helps keep it sticky and attached to your skin, and it comes with reusable silicone nipple covers. First, make sure that your bust and sides are dry, because that will help ensure the longevity of the adhesive. You obviously don’t want the bra to slip or slide, so you don’t want a wet or slippery canvas. Look around for tips and tricks. It’s good to last up to 6-8 hours and maybe longer, so it’s party-proof!

Inclusive and Empowering
Adhesive bras are designed to be inclusive of various size, shapes and skin tones, so you do the choosing. There is life after nursing, too! Four sizes may help if you’ve got to make a sudden adjustment to this new life.

Invisible Is In
Look Ma, No Hooks! Adhesive bras provide support and shaping without them. No back band, either. Just your beautiful skin as you wish.

Healthy Without the Humble
If breast enhancement surgery is your thing, then go for it. Everyone is different, everyone should be empowered to make her own choice. But here’s the thing about adhesive bras: They can be a natural alternative to invasive boob jobs. No risk whatsoever. Sticky bras comfortably make your chest look fuller, so self-preservation is worth mentioning on this list.

It’s Our Time
Ever looked back at those 1950s bra ads? It’s kind of crazy, right? They typically came from the dudes on Madison Avenue, their own guy-deas. “The lift that never lets you down!” “Brassieres That Beautify!” Serious, just look through some of these vintage ads. Then un-snap those old things and snap back to reality. Sticky bras are free from old rigid beauty ideals that often negatively impacted women. These say: DO WHAT YOU WANT.

Will the regular bra go the way of the corset? Probably not. There are still times when those come in handy. But let’s be honest, the No Bra Movement actually became just another reason to get an adhesive bra. You look and feel better and it’s like it’s not even there.

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