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10 Reasons Boob Tape Beats Traditional Bras

When it comes to empowering women and elevating comfort, two words are commonly uttered in the very tightest of circles. Those are, of course, Corner Office.

OK, there are actually two others that we’re really here to talk about today. This subject is kind of our specialty, and all those five-star reviews by empowered women of all shapes and sizes and skin tones usually do most of the talking for us. Those are, of course, Boob Tape.

Here on the Risqué blog, we figured it was time to tell you why this is such a big deal, why boob tape is better than traditional bras. As if Kim Kardashian didn’t make this all clear enough.

If you want to spend less time and cash on fancy wire cleavage cages at the mall, and more time finding strapless dresses and low-cut tops to die for, then this is for you:

1. It’s Dance-proof
Risqué Breast Lift Tape provides a strong, waterproof hold that will last all night. It’s dance-proof, so no worries about it coming loose while out on the floor. It’s not going anywhere, but maybe you are. Breathable and sweat-proof, boob tape gives you a natural-looking shape so discreetly it can be worn with ANY strapless or backless dress. It works wonders with blouses, spaghetti straps, backless, even wedding gown.

2. Flawless Cleavage
Cue the marching band, because the parade has begun. And everyone loves a parade. You’re sexier and stronger with boob tape as the main instrument. For smaller breasts, it can be like getting a breast lift without the five-figure expense and the invasive procedure. For large breasts, it can help support and properly arrange. Boob tape is a modern element of style.

3. Hidden Comfort
Like we said, elevating comfort is a priority around here. Whoever said “beauty is pain” doesn’t know Risqué. Looking like a million bucks should feel as comfy as just skin.
Say goodbye to uncomfortable straps, no matter what you’re wearing. You don’t have to worry about bra straps peeking out on the shoulders, stealing your LBD’s thunder. It’s up to you how much tape you want to use beneath your dress, how much chest to reveal. No fussing with hook adjustments or using your hands to try to relieve your breasts from uncomfortable positions.

  1. Versatility Matters
    You can apply multi-use tape on your heels to prevent shoe rubbing, or to any body part for lift and tightening. Tape is a wardrobe saver, helping us hold undone hems and rips, even holds bra straps in place if you just have to use a bra. More Risqué products are on the way so there will always be an answer whatever your need. But right now, boob tape is sort of Mrs. Everything. Get it in beige, get in black, get whatever you need for your skin tone, or whatever your shape or cup size. After buying boob tape, there is no need to worry about shapes, just satisfaction.

    5. ‘How Did She Do That?’
    Every wonder yourself when spying that gorgeous red-carpet look with no visible means to keep everything so beautifully in place? Sure, we all have. Now you are that person others will talk about. Wear whatever you want thanks to boob tape. It’s even great under a T-shirt.

  2. Restriction vs. Boundlessness
    Let’s see, traditional bras generally try to restrict breasts and conceal the cleavage. That’s how they were invented, just check the old 1950s TV shows. Boob tape stands for the opposite: Boundlessness, freedom, enhancement, living the dream. Doesn’t matter if you are going for backless, open-side garments, low-backed, halter or plunge. Strapless, wide or asymmetric necklines all benefit from boob tape, not from traditional bras.

    7. The Roll That Keeps Giving
    You wear a bra, throw it in the clothes hamper, and wash it. Repeat, repeat. With boob tape, you get plenty of uses as you peel off a little at a time. Maybe five to 10 uses per roll. Try it out, see how long you can go.

    8. The Confidence Builder
    The more the tape, the more the confidence. Or something like that. Boob tape means power, total control, the Great Concealer meets the Great Revealer. You’re in charge. Try a Youtube tutorial, google some tips and tricks. They’re everywhere. Like anything else, practice makes perfect, so try it out a few times and you’ll be the maestro.

    9. Great Cause
    Oh, did we mention that every item you score at Risqué means you’re helping the cause in the fight against breast cancer? We donate 10 percent of all net sales (up to $20,000 annually) in 2022 to our friends at the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.®

    10. Safe and Worry-Free Removal
    Boob tape won’t damage your beautiful skin. It’s safe to remove, but try a little at a time at first just to get the hang of it and test skin sensitivity. Nipple guards are recommended when using boob tape, helping to reduce the risk of irritation as well as their obvious benefit. When the party’s over, you might want to work your favorite oil or moisturizer under the tape to help loosen the adhesive and avoid redness. Some people even take a hot bath with the tape still on for a little extra loosening. We’re all different in our own skin.

Everything changes in fashion, and that includes what you don’t see underneath women’s haute couture. Shapewear has become not only revolutionary for its function, but just accepted step-by-step style. Boob tape has many advantages over traditional bras, beyond the ones we’ve listed here, and we’ll be talking a lot more about them in coming posts.

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