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Everybody Has a Summer Body

Let’s be honest: The phrase “summer body” is some made-up nonsense that is designed to make us feel pressured to lose weight quickly. We see the rail-thin swimsuit models and somehow think that is what a summer body is supposed to look like. What a bunch of baloney!

At Risqué, we celebrate women who claim the right to feel sexy and stunning in their own skin. We know that no two human bodies are the same and that each of us are sexy in our own way. Instead of chasing someone else’s image of the perfect summer body, we embrace our curves and imperfections with confidence and grace.

Our body is our body – summer, spring, winter and fall.

For many of us, summers mean enjoying cool mountain lakes, strolling on sunny beaches, pool parties and other events that require lighter clothes and more exposed skin. You can experience all that the season has to offer without the anxiety of striving for an unrealistic version of yourself. Focus on the fun that awaits you – not the stress of extreme crash dieting or other things that are unhealthy in the long run.

We understand that you want to look your best and that appearance is a strong motivator, so we make Risqué  products like Camel Toe Concealers and Boob Tape that work for everyone. But focusing on the “summer body” can be a slippery slope. Let’s reframe the conversation. Let’s focus on getting stronger – emotionally, physically and emotionally – every single day. Let’s embrace our beautiful bodies (and we are ALL beautiful). And let’s finally put to rest the unrealistic and unhealthy summer body talk. If it’s summer and you have a body, then you already have a summer body. Right?

"I think it's incredibly harmful to tell people year after year that they need to lose weight for the summer in order to have fun and get attention and praise from people for the way you look,” said Shammara Lawrence, co-founder of The Power of Plus, a size-inclusive digital community.

When you surf the web – and specifically social media sites – allow yourself to chuckle a little over the unrealistic models and poses. The “average” American woman wears between a size 16 and 18. “Advertisers don’t always realize the impact that terms like ‘summer body’ have on people who live in bodies that don’t fit the ‘societal norm,’” said Gianluca Russo, the other co-founder of The Power of Plus. “For some people, using these phrases means nothing. But for other people, these words hold a lot of trauma because these terms are essentially telling you that when summer comes around, you need to look a certain way in order to wear these garments."

In Russo’s view, the summer body “does not promote real health, rather, it is a marketing ploy used by brands, gyms, and the diet industry to profit off of your insecurities."

Instead of thinking about fitness and exercise as a way to control the shape of your body, view the activity as simply fun. We call it “joyful action.” It will lead to a healthier, happier you. Bike riding isn’t a chore, it’s a joyful action. A walk along the beach is a joyful action. Gardening in your backyard is a joyful action. You get the point.

Reframe your thinking and have a perfect summer that focuses on the real you! Your perfect summer does not rely on how flat your tummy is or what size your bikini is or how cool your tan line is. Your perfect summer depends on you embracing yourself and your curves. Feel sexy in your own skin.

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